Thursday, November 6, 2008

Massachusetts Special Education Timelines

1.  Referral 

2.  Within 5 School Working Days of Receipt of Referral
  • School Notifies Parent/Guardian
  • School Requests Consent for Evaluation
3.  School Receives Consent for Evaluation from Parent/Guardian

4.  Within 45 School Working Days
  • Assessments Completed within first 30 School Working Days
  • If requested, Written Summaries Provided to Parents/Guardians 2 Days before Team Meeting
  • Team Meeting Conducted
  • 2 Copies of IEP sent to Parent/Guardian
5.  Within 30 Calendar Days
  • Parent/Guardian Reviews IEP
  • Parent/Guardian Chooses Options and Signs IEP
  • Parent/Guardian Returns IEP to School
6. School Implements Program Which Parent/Guardian Approves


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